• What is the best way for me to stay informed about events and general updates including field conditions?
We encourage all families to follow us on
Facebook:  http://facebook.com/BaseballPYAA     Twitter: ( @BaseballPYAA) https://twitter.com/BaseballPYAA
  • What equipment does my child need for recreational baseball?

The league provides a baseball hat and a jersey for all age groups. Each child participating will also need baseball pants, baseball shoes with plastic cleats, and a glove. Catcher's equipment are provided for sharing on the team. Additionally bats are generally available for sharing among the team, but you may prefer to obtain your own. 8u/10u/12u should also bring their own helmet, however if your child does NOT have a helmet, we do have some in the equipment bins that can be shared for kids.  Teeball and 7u will have helmets provided from PYAA in their coaches equipment bag to share. For tee-ball the primary requirement is a glove. Always bring water to practices and games.

  • What arrangements can be made for my child to play on the same team as our neighbor for carpooling? Or for a specific coach? 

While we understand the need for some special situations, it is impossible for us to accommodate all requests, and impossible for us to evaluate which requests are more important than others. Additionally, our primary goal is to assure that all talent is spread evenly through the draft process. Therefore, all teams are assigned within the draft process and there is no assignment of kids on teams prior to that process. We realize this may cause some inconvenience in some families but with the size of our program, it is impossible to evaluate and accommodate all requests. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.   Note - siblings playing in the same age group will always be placed on the same team.  If your children (siblings) are not put on the same team, please contact us immediately.

How do I get my child evaluated to play-up or play-down?


  • Must be at least 7 years old by 4/30/2018
  • May attempt to play up to any league desired
  • Must attend spring evaluation of the league the player desires to play up to 
  • Able to evaluate at as many different leagues as desired
  • Must be evaluated in the top 25% of play up league to be able to play up
  • If player played up in the spring for PYAA JLB, player may play up to that same age group
  • If player played travel baseball for on entire season (spring or summer), player may play up one age group
  • All-Star team Selection to play up in the fall, player may play up one age group
  • Must attend fall evaulation to be considered for play up if one of the above criteria is not met. If player attends fall evaluation, player may attempt to play up to any age group offered.

In all play-up requests, the child MUST attend and pass the evaluation for play-up. (*tentative March 4, 2018). Failure to attend the evaluation will result in the child being placed in his age-appropriate group.

Play downs will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

We reserve the right to change and revise policies each season, depending on the success or challenges that were met with previous seasons. A play-up or play-down will not be guaranteed based on previous season approval of such.


  • When will I know the schedule of practices and games?

After registration deadlines, it takes a couple weeks for us to process registrations, evaluate league and team capacities, conduct evaluations and drafts, and then put together the field and team schedules. We will try to keep current statuses posted on a timely basis each season. A general schedule is available for Spring 2018 under the "Schedule" tab.

Tentative 2018 Spring Schedule for leagues:

-12u,10u,8u weekday practice/games will be spread across Mon/Tues/Wed 
-7u,Teeball weekly practice/games will be spread across Thur/Fri

All teams will play games on Saturday’s and play some Sunday’s (after 2pm)

**typically (1) weekday practice/game and (1) weekend practice/game per week. Unless rainout causes reschedule etc. 

** no 8u/10u/12u games will be scheduled on Sunday until after 5/11 (when Lacrosse ends) then Sunday games will be scheduled for all groups Sat/Sun.

  • What Basepath distances are there for each of the age groups?

Teeball is 45 feet
U7 and U8 are 60 feet
U10 are 65 feet
U12 is 70 feet
U14 is 80 feet


  • What are the fees used for by PYAA?

The fees cover a number of categories including baseball specific items such as umpires, equipment, uniforms, trophies; daily care of the baseball diamonds (lining, dragging, mound repair); general maintenance of fields (mowing, electricity, restrooms, trash, parking lot); and PYAA expenses (background checks, registration system, internet, office, insurance). While this list doesn't cover every expense, it is an example of our major expenses.

  • Where can I check for Field Conditions to ensure the weather has not caused a cancellation?

In regards to inclement weather and field conditions, Safety is always our priority. We are going to be migrating all field conditions updates to these social media platforms.  For now, the site link ( http://baseball.pyaa.org/pages/5633/field-conditions ) will also still be in the Tweet/FB Post.  

Facebook:  http://facebook.com/BaseballPYAA 
Twitter:  ( @BaseballPYAA)   https://twitter.com/BaseballPYAA
* Please Note:  This does not require anyone to register with Facebook or Twitter, they can simply manually navigate to http://baseball.pyaa.org  webpage to view the Facebook/Twitter updates manuall, the same as the previous method.
  • During times of questionable weather, we work hard to monitor and prepare our fields.  Although late breaking weather is always a possibility, we intend to update our website and try to provide weekday updates by 3:00pm. 
  • Please respect the decision to close the field as it is often done for our players safety and/or to avoid damaging the diamonds that have sustained heavy rain. Also, please be aware that fields may show as open, however ongoing drizzle has made it unplayable when teams arrive for warm-ups.  Coaches will often be asked to use their discretion when arriving if conditions could cause an injury or damage to the field. During games, coaches and umpires will make decisions to suspend play due to sudden changes in weather.  Lightning will suspend play for at least 20 minutes.  Please take proper cover in your car.

PYAA is a private organization. We do not receive any municpal funds. We only receive funds through our registration fees, donations, fundraising, and sponsorships.