Field Conditions
Baseball fields are CLOSED Sunday 4/15 & Monday 4/16
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Last Updated: 4/15/2018  3:30 pm RT

We encourage all PYAA JLB families to follow us on Facebook & Twitter.  We are going to be migrating all field conditions updates to these social media platforms.  For now, the site link ( ) will also still be in the Tweet/FB Post.  

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** Please Note:  This does not require anyone to register with Facebook or Twitter, they can simply navigate to  webpage to view the Facebook/Twitter updates manually, the same as the previous method.

In regards to inclement weather and field conditions, Safety is always our priority.
  • During times of questionable weather, we work hard to monitor and prepare our fields.  Although late breaking weather is always a possibility, we intend to update our website and try to provide weekday updates by 4:00pm. 
  • Please respect the decision to close the field as it is often done for our players safety and/or to avoid damaging the diamonds that have sustained heavy rain. Also, please be aware that fields may show as open, however ongoing drizzle has made it unplayable when teams arrive for warm-ups.  Coaches will often be asked to use their discretion when arriving if conditions could cause an injury or damage to the field. During games, coaches and umpires will make decisions to suspend play due to sudden changes in weather.  Thunder/Lightning will suspend play for 30 minutes.  Please take proper cover in your car.

Field Treatments are done by Tru Green Lawn Care Company
Click here for their statement of product use.